Dolltastic Burlesque opened its doors to students in January 2013. We have a comprehensive timetable that features seven full days of continuous classes for burlesque dancers. We offer classes in most types of burlesque dances, from tease and showgirl to Go-Go and Neo. Individuals can even participate in the hen nights that are organized here.
Our main dance troupe, The Diamond Dolls, perform several big shows throughout the year, in a variety of locations all around Perth, and can even be booked for special events. Head to our performers page to meet the dancers and even check out some of their solo work. Enquiries can be made to info@dolltasticburlesque.com.au 

What is Burlesque? 
Burlesque dancing is one of the oldest and most popular types of entertainment. This form of dance can trace its roots back to the 1840s. A lot of working class dancers used it as a way to scorn the traditions, culture, fashion and social habits of the upper class. Many of these performances were parodies of Shakespeare, classic plays, classic literature and operas. 

The burlesque performances were based on mockery, and they satisfied the desire of the audience for lust and laughter. There was a very ‘naughty’ approach to the various burlesque performances, and that is why they were often directed towards working class men. However, word spread around and a wider audience was drawn to these performances, including several women who wanted to see the social taboo. 
These days, Burlesque is once again the hottest topic. In fact, the popular group, the Pussycat Dolls, started out as a group that performed burlesque before they began their recording career. 

However, today, burlesque is more about giving women the power to embrace their femininity and sexuality, and encouraging them to be confident in their sensual expressions. 

Where are we located? 
Unit 3, 4 Nasmyth Road Rockingham WA 6168 

How do I sign up? 
We never allow prospective students to simply walk in to class. You must register for classes in our website. Or you could register via email at info@dolltasticburlesque.com.au  

What to wear to class? 
Clothing: wear non-restrictive clothes for your burlesque class. Look for something that you can wear to the gym, for example, shorts, track pants, t-shirts, sports tops, singlet and Lycra leggings. You are allowed and encouraged to wear costumes, if you have any. 
Footwear: jazz or regular sneakers that are flexible, jazz shoes, high heels that are less than three inches high, or cotton socks. 

With its peeling, posing, bumping and grinding, there are few classes that are as sensual and playful as a burlesque class. The student will learn some pouty poses and teasing, and they will get an introduction lesson on how to become the naughty pin-up girl. All of these will be combined in a cheeky routine. After showcasing to one another, they will be grinding and bumping all through the night. We have dress-ups as well as props that facilitate these performances. 


​I want to learn Burlesque and don’t know where to start? 
Start here at Dolltastic Burlesque; we offer a ‘have a go’ class at the start of every term for you to give it ago before the term starts. This is normally on the Sunday prior to the school term beginning. 

How many people per class? And can I watch? 
We have about 5 – 15 per class and sorry no you can’t just watch. As most participants are getting out of their comfort zones you have to participate as well so everyone is more comfortable. If you do just want to watch come to one of our performances, then you can sit back and enjoy the show. 

Am I too old for the classes? 
No, you’re never too old to burlesque but you can be too young - we can only accept students over the age of 18 years. 

I’m over weight and I don’t feel like I could do the class? 
Well no such thing, everyone all sizes and shapes are welcome to be a part of our burlesque studio. The more curves the better we say!! 

I’m not a dancer of any kind, and generally unfit - can I do the classes? 
Yes, classes start from beginners with basic (to no) fitness. As we offer a large timetable of classes we always have something to suit everyone. 

The term has started, can I still join? 
Yes, some classes will accept new members up to 3 weeks into the term, and we have new classes starting every couple of weeks. Join our email list to keep up to date with what’s happening.