Don't be nervous. This is a bosy positive space which allows for all ages, body shapes and sizes and various fitness levels. The environment is fun and unpretentious and welcoming to anyone who loves to dance.

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Taste of Burlesque Introduction Class
is perfectly suited to people who are new to dance or just new to burlesque dancing. Learn the basics of burlesque as well as a taste of various other styles of dance to allow you to sample the flavour of the other classes on offer. Routines change on a weekly basis and this is a non-performance class, so perfect for the shy dancer as well.

Is a mix of styles from hip hop, popping and locking, twerking, jazz, krumping and more.  This is the funky dancing you see in the commercials, live shows, movies, concerts  and music videos. Be prepared to get your adrenalin up and your heartbeat thumping while burning calories and having fun.
Bombshells (Peek-aShow)
​the ulitmate muscial theatre class takes you back to the vintage styles of dance including jazz, swing, burlesque, cabaret, show choir and go-go dancing. This type of dance is entertaining and fun, with elements of showmanship. Combining a workout with a more classical and intricate dance style.
helps you get down to the ground and is just a little bit naughty. Focussed on exotic dancing, this style incorporates floor moves, lapdancing, pole dancing and more. Feel sexy while improving mobility and flexibility and enjoying your own creativity on the dance floor.

High energy dancing  based on 60s and 70s style dances such as the Jerk, the Watusi, the Hully-Gully, the Monkey, the Swim, the Twist, the Egyptian and more. Start with a warmup and then enjoy a fullbody workout while moving your body to these fun routines which can even include hula-hoops, skipping and rollerskates
 Viva-Miss-Vegas/Feather Fan- Showgirl

Brings you all the fun of modern burlesque styles with the addition of feather fan peek-a-boo dancing for reveal and cover as well as a mix of cabaret, showgirl and stage diva dancing.  Enjoy waving fans and learning other techniques and prop use . You will have so much fun, you won't even realize you are working out.

SHOW-N-GLOW - Strip Tease 

combines  teasing, seductive moves taken from various popular dance styles. Enjoy floor based dancing and lap dancing  as well as the essentials of chair dancing in this fun, erotic dancing class.  Learn how taken off a scarf can be as sexy as removing stockings if you work it right. Burlesque style tease and dance for fun, entertainment and a great workout.

PinMeUp  is an elegant form of bumping and grinding. Sexy moves with pin-up posing, ppek-a-boos, and shimmys all rolled in to one. You don't have to be light on your feet or overly co-ordinated to enjoy this cheeky dance style.  Enjoyed by beginners to advanced dancers for the smooth music and glamour moves that are easy to follow.
Chairtastic Dance blends burlesque, cabaret and teasing movements based on elements such as lapdancing and showmanship. This form of dance builds up your core strength and stamina while helping you stay agile and flexible. If you are feeling a little naughty and playful, this blend of dance is fun and cheeky, while still offering an incredible workout for your whole body.​
Dolls incorporates sassy slow dancing with seductive energy movements. Learn the basic jazz techniques, dancing in heels while expressing yourself through your body movements. This dancing style brings out the inner dance floor diva and builds confidence and passion for dance. No experience required and flat shoes are fine for those that don't want to dance in heels.